The success of guests at the House of Hope depends on the support they receive from their mentor.  Every guest at the House of Hope receives a mentor who provides advice, advocacy, and emotional support during their stay at the House.  Mentors continue in that role after the guests have moved on to permanent housing to help the guest, now tenant, make that transition.  In this way Mentors help break the cycle of homelessness for many of guests.

Mentors are volunteers who are matched by the Mentor Coordinator to a guest, based on her understanding of what the mentee needs and a mentor can offer. It is a very personal service and both the mentor and the mentee agree to work with each other.

You too can be a mentor.  The requirements are that you can:

Commit to weekly meetings or phone calls with your mentee

Meet monthly with other mentors and the Mentor Coordinator, Ashley Rowley

Pass a background check (no cost to you)

Mentors receive ongoing support and training and are reimbursed for any expenses they incur.

If you are interested in the Mentor Program call Ashley Rowley at 360-441-2567 for more information.