We had a wonderful time last night at a fundraising event for SPIN Café in Oak Harbor. www.spincafeoh.org SPIN Café is open three days a week to feed those folks who drop by and are hungry for food or companionship.  The food was great, the entertainment was old school rock and folk tunes and the refreshments flowed.  It was a lovely evening, with caring people  and I hope SPIN made lots of money.  One thing SPIN want s to do with their funds is to install showers for folks who do not have such a luxury.  

It was of interest to hear their goals as we had several folks talk about such  services down here on the south end at our monthly coalition meeting at Trinity..   People who are without shelter must take showers at the fairgrounds or the marina and they really have no place to wash clothes either.  It  .would be really nice to have a drop in center for folks who have no place to go but ride the buses and hang out in the libraries, or are just plain lonely for companionship, or maybe even a bite to eat.  Many communities have such a place, including our neighbors in Oak Harbor very soon.

It is said that our thoughts can become realities so I would encourage everyone who reads this to think about it, and if you agree it would be the right thing to do…providing a safe haven out of the storms of just daily living for our neighbors in need , shoot out a little whisper to the universe, and let’s make it so!!  Just drop an e-mail and there are folks wanting to meet down here and talk about this already gearing up…Join us.