Christmas......The generosity of others becomes manifest at this time of the year, this season of thanksgiving and celebration that is a portion of our culture.  I am one of the lucky ones that gets to receive from those of you who give.  Our door at the House of Hope this afternoon barely had a break today from all of the generous and loving persons in our community who gave forth from their bounty to share with us, and ultimately with others who have not abundance.   A few of us will attend to all the gifts and wonders brought to the House of Hope and pass such love on to not only our guests, but our former families, and others who are brought our way in our neighborhood.  Toys galore, food for the many, and sweet and best of all?  Meeting wonderful new people in this community who simply are moved through love to reach out!  My new friend Scott and his wonderful wife who represented the Fishermans Club, and the bounty they shared with us today, Peggy Fleming and Friends for the amazing generosity,(Peg you guys want to stay anonymous but I have to thank you somehow!)  the Saggers, (love you Babes and want to join!) Baby Island Saratoga Club who made all our women feel so incredibly blessed, our sweet new Langley friends who brought the ornaments...and then came back a couple hours later with the Angel to top the tree!! Thanks to Ms Maureen, always there for us, from Bayview Farm and Gardens for the beautiful tree and of course Susie  R. for helping Santa fill big ole stockings for all the kids in the house currently.  I know I've forgotten many but for all of you who have sent love in prayers, good thoughts our way, as well as the tangible, we thank you.  It continues to make a difference.  Our guests at the House of Hope are overwhelmed by the Love they are watching coming in the door on a daily basis, and this, most of all makes a difference. When we model love in action, it Pays Things Forward a Zillion times!   Blessings and Peace to all.