Farewell to 2015

I just dropped by the Warming Center at Langley Methodist Church this evening.  The WC is a collaborative effort between the church and the South Whidbey Homeless Coalition.  Warm meals are provided in the evening and then again in the morning.  The Warming Center is here to  house folks overnight when the weather is 35 degrees and below and we are especially grateful to  Susan and Greg Gillis, who have worked diligently to make this dream of Susan's a reality, and to the volunteers who spend the evening there.  

When I got there the warmth of the room was present in the home cooked beef stew, a couple fellas sharing a table and a meal, and in the volunteers doing intake on a gentleman they had just met.  A bit later i was introduced to a single elderly woman who set her bedroll up in a corner of her own.  As we were chatting at the table a member of the church showed up thinking there was choir  practice there that night.  When told it was not this night, he was offered a dish of stew and joined us at the table. in fellowship.  

What a wonderful thing it is that we live in a community that has embraced the works of our coalition so readily.  These folks would be out in the cold somewhere and this simply will not do in our community.  Thank you Whidbey for caring.