My day as a House Manager

Sent this email out to my board tonight, as well as a few volunteers, after singing the blues about how 'hard' things were for me!!

Hello all you fantastic People.  After my major whine and breakdown this morning you all, and a poor guest at the house of hope, had to absorb today, all my 'Poor Me' stuff, things are Blessed tonight.  Here is what happened today...........

Well,   You showed up right away online (a trait I love dearly) offering kind words and offering expertise advise on an specific issue with a guest.  You next showed up to carry me to our monthly coalition meeting and then you chaired it.  Next, you showed up and provided a lovely meal for our meeting and some Christmas love for the house, and then you showed up again and took me to Good Cheer to purchase furniture for our new guests.  You also showed up to take on making a chore chart thingy and keeping that going smoothly here at the house and offered to have a meeting with the guests once a week about it, and you even showed up sick and puking with love and support and words of encouragement.

 And then....many of y'all showed up at another damn meeting!!  And then as we returned from  that meeting you lovely  people carted in a Christmas tree and hauled furniture for darn sake!  I love you all so much and thank you for the many, many ways in which you each contribute and add to this group of totally awesome characters! 

And don't even get me started on who all showed up today with monetary and other gifts for us. A friend of our esteemed Board Prez came in the door with $215 who insisted it was for the House of Hope only!  (Thank you to this lovely woman for the furniture in the basement today for our new guests) We were the proud and happy recipients of $715 from a group, I am going to join one day, called The Saggers!  These beautiful women have been around Whidbey doing their good works for 30 years and chose us this yearto donate to after cruising our incredibly awesome website...thank you Kattee, Josh, Chris, Richard and your esteemed House Manager!). AND...hold your breath........a brand new, gently used, 1999 Totyota Rava from two of the most fantastic volunteers the SWHC has ever had the pleasure to know and work with. 

Tomorrow is a new day, we have new family coming onboard.  As they say in my most favorite 12 step program "More Will Be Revealed"  So, stay tuned