July update

Greetings and things are going so very well for us here at the House of Hope.  We have three very wonderful families with us right now.  We have a 12 year old boy who is going to basketball camp next week thanks to some kind and generous volunteers and friends of the SWHC.  We are going to have a baby August 28th and will host a baby shower for our mom and her new child sometime in August.  We have a new young woman here who also has an 8 year old child who will be here with us part time as well.  Our third family is a couple who are waiting on their Social Security disability to kick in and she is blessing us with her poetry,  mentoring of the younger women here, and for his help with outside chores and work.  Our little garden is thriving and next year we hope to have a large area with raised bed and composted from our very own worm bin.  Please feel free to drop by and visit anytime.  If we are home, the coffee is on and you are welcome!