Current and ongoing needs for House of Hope

We are listing here needs that are relevent to our guests rather than houselhold items such as paper towels, dish soap, etc, which we can purchase at Costco., Starting and maintaining a garden, and learnig canning and food preservation tips are wonderful skills that can last a lifetime.  Many of our younger guests have not learned these skills and this is an opportune time to pitch in and get this started for them.  

The other iitems I am listed here, such as haircuts and movie and fair passes, are 'extra' expenses for the poor.  Things that folks won't neccesarily get to do because of being economically without.  I know this from personal experience so it is greatly appreciated any help you can give.   Thank you!


Skateboard and/or bike for 12 year old boy

Worm bin and start up worms so we can build compost for garden next year.

Canning supplies so that we may teach and learn to can.  Big canning pot, jars, lids, etc.

Two wands to put at the end of our hoses to water with.

Passes to the fair when it comes up.  


Volunteer to take residents to food bank (We recognize there is free bus service but for moms with kids and even singles it is sometimes difficult to carry much food on bus.)

Someone to take our recycles to the center.  (they will be clean, separated and bagged)

Movie tickets to the Clyde

Haircut vouchers