Lots of new news!

Well it has been a very busy summer here with the South Whidbey Homeless Coalition.  We opened, House of Hope, our 90 day house of hospitality in Langley on Memorial day and have housed over 26 people, the majority families with children.  We have turned away 60 people since June because there was 'no room at the Inn.'  We are currently creating an egress windown in the basement so that we might house more families downstairs.  If you are interested in getting more involved with the House of Hope please contact Judy at 221-5848.  This basement work should be complete hopefully before the cold weather sets in.  

The Warming Center at the Langley United Methodist Church will open this winter and this is where we will be housing folks overnight when the weather hits 35 degrees.  Volunteers are currently being trained for this work.  You can contact Susan Gilles at the church (221-4233) if you would like to join the work there.

It appears quite obvious to most folks involved in this work that the homeless here are not going away, in fact the numbers are increasing.  We are currently looking at future work here in our community to partner with others and help provide solutions.  We are looking closely at the Tiny House movement and considering this as a next step.  We are also seeking ways in which to engage willing landlords in leasing homes to those with less favorable rental history with the SWHC doing what is known as a 'Master Lease.'   And we are always on the lookout for affordable housing here on the South end.

We will be starting up again our monthly meetings at Trinity Lutheran Church in Freeland on the first Monday of each month.  Our first start up meeting will be Monday, October 5th at noon to 1pm.  Lunch will be provided and we encourage community members to show up and learn more about our work, our needs, and how you may get involved.   

If you have an organization or group you would like us to come speak to please send us an e-mail at swhomelesscoalitiono.org and we would love to come and present.  Blessings!