Spring ahead, Fall back time!

It's the first of November, 2016.  The South Whidbey Homeless Coalition is currently in the process of extending services to the entire island and becoming an island wide coalition.  We are proud here at SWHC to be in a community that wishes to take our mission of 'making homelessness in this community a brief and rare experience' and engage the entire island into this vision.   To that end we have been honored to have Vivian Decker Rodgers from the Oak Harbor community joining our board, and we are currently waiting on one other wonderful citizen from the north to join us.   We also have been busy in Oak Harbor meeting with city officials, churches and social service providers in the hope of opening a year round overnight shelter there.  

So much has happened over the past few months and your blogger has not been diligent in reporting on changes so consider this blog an update and news on how we shall proceed with said blog. 

We have hired a full time Mentor Coordinator/House Manager in Ms Ashley Rowley.  Ashley majored in Social Work and this is her first time on the job experience in the field and she is doing such an incredible job.  Ashley's duties range from recruiting and training mentors to managing the House of Hope and all the various duties and obligations there, of which you can read about here on our website.  We are incredibly blessed to have Ashley on site at the house daily and she will be contributing to this blog regarding the House of Hope, our house of hospitality in Langley.

Our Administrative Assistant, Tracey Channing, has been moved to full time employment as she is now helping to coordinate and manage both overnight shelters...one in Oak Harbor when it opens, as well as the Warming Center, our cold weather, under 35 degree shelter run out of the Methodist Church in Langley.  Tracey does grant management, billing, is facility's management,  a hundred other 'technical' jobs and recently handled all the myriad of people, places and things that had to occur after we experienced a major plumbing mishap in our basement at the House of Hope.  Tracey literally got us through that by handling each and every piece and the basement will be back to normal in two weeks.  Tracey will also be a regular contributor to our blog.

Our Seed to Serve project, funded by the Tulalip Tribes Charitable Foundation was a resounding success and we have applied for funding for the 2017 growing season again.  You can read about the project and see pictures of our work here on our website.  Please take a moment and catch up on happening at the House of Hope as well and our events page.