Christmas and a new year coming up.  Lots of things going on our island regarding homeless issues.  The Homeless Coalition's Warming Center at the Methodist Church in Langley has averaged about 9 folks each evening it has been open so far.  We are coming up on a stretch of under 35 degree weather in the next month and will be offering the Warming Center then as well. All the gentlemen that have stayed with us have expressed a great degree of gratitude for having a warm place to stay, out of the freezing old.  Several of the men who have stayed at the Warming Center in Langley have come down by bus from Oak Harbor, as there are no services overnight there  for them.   The Homeless Coalition is addressing this issue as well.  Our Board President Faith Wilder, and our Oak Harbor Board member Vivian Rodgers-Decker have been working diligently to help manifest and all year, overnight shelter in Oak Harbor.  We are looking at a local church we might partner with to do this very needed ministry to the homeless that reside on the North end of the island.  On another, the House of Hope in Langley stays full, and we continue to work hard to house families who come through our home.  May you all have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.  Judy