Grey days

Today was not a good day.  In fact a few parts of this day have been terrible.  I ended up in a verbal conflict with a guest at the House of Hope and this started my day.  I was angry at her and at myself for letting my emotions take control over my judgment and mouth.  Living in community is can also be joyful and magnificent.  Today it was not so joyful.  And within two hours I was sitting around a table with devoted board members of our coalition and we  struggled with solutions as to a former guest and her family.   Just because we get a roof over our head does not mean everything automatically clears up and it's smooth sailing.  It is not!  Life's struggles are messy, and hard, and painful, but we go through them together.  Therein is one of the Joys of being in community,  we can turn to one another when the chips are down.  Like I just did!   Blessings!  Judy, House Manager/House of Hope