Springtime a Comin'

Spring is in the air and our family is growing here at the House of Hope.  We have a new family of 6 and grateful for all the kid energy they bring with them.  As the weather gets nicer we are gearing up for gardens and tiny houses and our upcoming event in May.  More about that in the days to come.  We are so incredibly blessed to have a brand new Facilities Committee, chaired by our newest board member Dan B.  Dan has led his crew in a weekly yard cleanup over the past month and lifting and painting our little shed out back.  We also have a few new things to do in our basement, and Dan is getting this ready to do as well.  It's great to have such a wonderful crew of men and women to help in our work.  Our Mentor Program is getting off the ground and we are so very grateful for the community partners who have helped make this a reality.  We plan on hiring someone who can take the lead in this very important steps we are moving toward, to help very best support our families and our children here.