Makes it all worth while!

A few moments ago I was here on my laptop and there was a knock on my door.  I turned and there was Chris, whom the SWHC had housed and then assisted in finding suitable housing of his own for he and his family.

Last year Chris came to us through the VA, he was a 5 tour veteran of the mid east and was moving his family here to the island.  He was literally dropped in the living room by the VA advocate as they rushed to catch a ferry.  We put Chris up in the office on the couch where he stayed  till his family came out.  

Chris, his wife Gabrielle and their 2 and 3 year old then moved into my apartment for two months while they figured out housing and jobs. (I stayed at the House of Hope)  They did figure out housing and job and we helped them get established in their new home.  This was an 8 month rental that ended this month.  They met their obligations on time and were absolutely wonderful tenants in both my home and their rental.

The family has chosen to move on from Whidbey.   They loved it here, but this is not what they are seeking, and they are on a mission to find their dream, god bless em.!

So back to the knock on the door...I look up, and there is Chris standing with a bunch of wildflowers in his hands.  He has dropped the family off at the airport and has come back here to pick up the truck, and  was stopping by to give me flowers Gabrielle had picked and a lovely thank you note.   

These are the times it makes it all worth while,.  I would never have met this blessed young couple without being in the SWHC circle, the circle of folks I get the pleasure of working with every day, both volunteers, staff, and generous community members.  Thanks to you all as well. We are a community that wishes to see homelessness 'A brief and rare experience' and the SWHC is doing it's part to make that so on Whidbey Island.