A Christmas Miracle

Christmas Eve came and our Warming Center at the Methodist Church in Langley was in full swing, the weather being  under 35 degrees.  I received a phone call Christmas morning from Tracey, our Wonderful employee who was there to clean up the church and lock up for the day.  She was calling to let me know there was a woman who had no where to go, needed badly to get home down south and could we help her out.  I met Tracey and this most delightful woman at the House of Hope and sat down to listen to her story and see how the Coalition might help her.  We made a plan to purchase a ticket back home for her the following week and in the meantime, we opened up the upstairs room,  we use as our temporary office space, in order for her to have a place to lay her head until she left the following Tuesday.  What was the Miracle?

We have a little girl at the House of Hope who is 7 years old named Emma.  We also have a service dog belonging to one of our guests name of Emma.  I am fairly certain you know what is coming next and you are correct.  Our Christmas visitors name? Emma!!  Well, that was enough to have us shaking our head in wonder but imagine our total surprise and Wonder and then we discovered Emma's last name is Hope.  So our Christmas Miracle at the House of Hope this year was a visit from Ms Emma Hope!  Emma made Christmas dinner for our four families and children this Christmas and it is one we will never forget.  In remembrance of this wonderful story, and our three Emma's,  we plan on naming our upstairs, former office space EMMA'S ROOM,  and this is a room that will be used to extend Hospitality to weary travelers.  We are blessed to be the recipients of such a wonderful Christmas this year!