Spring 2017

Time seems to have a way of just running out sometimes.  In looking at this blog I see it has been too long a while since writing.  So let's catch up a bit. Before I start on the 'news' I will mention a dear and wonderful volunteer of our coalition Jim Ellison.  While doing volunteer work for us  two months ago, Jim took a bad fall and has been in Harborview since his fall.  The incredible good news is that he is recovering, and recovering at a rate that is pleasing docs and family and all of Jim's friends.    Blessings to all the Ellisons and looking forward to Jim's return home soon.  

 Biggest news on everyone's mind of course is our new shelter The Haven, opening in Oak Harbor.  This will be run out a church for the first 90 days and is Whidbey's first overnight, year round shelter folks.  Our coalition decided several months ago it was high time we went north, we captured Vivian Decker-Rodgers for our northend board rep and we were off and running.  Faith Wilder, our current Board President, took a huge lead in this work up north, along with the county Human Services and the generosity and service of so many others.  God's work for sure!  We will be updating you here in our blog as to new news as we go along.  

We have hired a Manager for the Haven and our new Executive Director Ursula.  Our House of Hope stays full!   We currently have 7 children at the house and are starting our Seed to Serve project there again this year, as the Tulalip folks once again gave us a generous grant to get started.   We are re-housing folks the best we can.  This is an ongoing struggle as you most know, to find affordable housing.  We are looking at any and all options, have some capitol, and welcome your input.  We have a new office in the back of the house in a portable office/shipping container and the garden club has given us funds to beautify the surrounding area of our yard.  I will be taking a break and will be asking others to submit their thoughts and happenings here on this blog.  May all be blessed and comforted.  Judy Thorslund  Board member