tanya stager

Meet Tanya Stager, a past guest at the House of Hope and the Coalition's newest Board Member. Tanya and her husband Christopher and their 5 girls, between the ages of 3 and 14 came to the House of Hope  after involvement with Child Protective Services.  Facing medical obstacles, substance abuse recovery, and the disappearing affordable housing for families on Whidbey Island. Tanya fought to return to the Island so family could use the resources offered by the HoH. Her family took full advantage of mentors, resources, and consistent in-house staff at the House and worked tireless to find permanent housing and thrive in their hometown community. Tanya raved about the intimacy and kindness of her new circle of support. At the same time she and her husband have been inspired to give back with their time and support several times a week to the Hot H. Tanya is now an inspirational advocate for families and individuals on the Island.





ashley rowley

Ashley, the Residential Guest Programs Manager for the House of Hope, its mentor program and the Master Lease Program is the glue that holds them together. She moved to the Island with her family with a mission to help others through direct service. She comes from a social work background and finds joy and fulfillment in helping Islanders who have found themselves without sustainable shelter or housing.

Ashley provides a sense of family, support, and wraparound care that is desperately needed for those who have gone through the worst of times. Many past and current guests cite Ashley's warmth and reliability as the grounding they have needed to be successful.

Ashley in turn loves the unpredictability of the work and the deep,persoal connections she has made with guests. She is at HoH most days of the week, empowering families to build their own successes to permanent housing.  She maintains relationships with guests well past their move-out date, ensuring that they continue to be successful.  Ashley's compassion and dedication make her one of WHC's heroes.