Making Homelessness a Brief and Rare Experience in our Community

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The Whidbey Homeless Coalition is a non-profit (501c3) started by neighbors including those who are or have experienced homelessness, local activists and advocates, community-based and faith-based organizations, and others committed to preventing and abating homelessness on Whidbey Island, while protecting each individual's civil rights and filling their immediate needs. 

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 Painting our new office

Painting our new office


We can only do our work with your help. We need you.


Please give of your time by mentoring a House of Hope guest, helping out on our Facilities Team, or volunteering a night at the Haven.


Check out our "current needs" for the Haven and the House of Hope. And remember we can always use working cars for guests and 5th wheelers or RVs for housing


The more we do the more we need financial help. Just think - a $12 per month donation is like latte a week and pays  for a night at the Haven for 30 homeless guests.

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When we purchased the House of Hope we did so with the help of Coyla and John Sheppard who loaned us a substantial down payment. And early this year we paid it off! A huge thank you goes to the Sheppards.

On March 10 we held our Annual General Meeting at the South Whidbey Community Center.  We were able to host more than 30 people and share with them the progress we made this year. We also turned to them to help us shape our goals for 2018  (which are coming soon) 

We also elected new officers.  Faith Wilder, our intrepid President agreed to continue until mid-September as did our hard working Treasurer, Caron Wolmsley.  Diane Watson, the outgoing Secretary was elected as Treasurer beginning in September and Richard West was elected as Vice-President (a new position on the Board.)