House of Hope

The Langley House of Hospitality, House of Hope, opened Memorial Day of 2015. It operates as a 90 day shelter for families and single adults who are homeless or at severe risk of becoming homeless. Guests are referred to the House of Hope by the Housing Support Center, run by Island County, after an intake process which matches homeless or soon to be homeless families or individuals with suitable housing. The majority of those we serve are from our community on Whidbey Island. They are our neighbors and friends.  

The House  has 4 bedrooms and has stayed at full capacity since opening our doors.  Two bedrooms accommodate families and two are best for couples or single adults who share a room. As many as 15 adults and children have shared the three bathrooms, living room and kitchen. House guests also share in chores and maintaining the House and often look after each other.

At the House guests find staff and volunteers who care about them, advocate for and befriend them on the journey towards permanent housing and stability. While at the House guests work to find employment, connect with social services, and settle into permanent and affordable housing.  This house of hospitality is a place where individuals in our community who find themselves without shelter, experience the gift of hospitality and a warm and safe home.   

Master Lease and Rental Assistance Programs

WHC is committed to helping House of Hope guests transition for the shelter to permanent housing within 90 days. 

Some guests transition from the House of Hope to housing managed as a Master Lease by the Coalition.  In the Master Lease Program the Whidbey Homeless Coalition holds the lease on a property and the guest rents from the Coalition.  This helps guests obtain housing stability they wouldn't otherwise qualify for and learn to be reliable tenants.  It gives landlords the peace of mind of being able to rely on rent payments and the maintenance of their rental.

The Master Lease Program is made possible by Tara Properties and Windermere Property Management who have worked with the Coalition and landlords to make leasing arrangements that work for all parties.

WHC also offers rental assistance to guests moving to permanent housing, whether they are in the master lease program or not.  Most guests find making the initial first months rent and deposit prohibitive.  Often they have no savings, have outstanding debts, failing cars,  and new jobs. WHC supports guests in their transition by making the first months rent and deposit and in some cases supplementing their rent payments for the first few months until their income is stabilized.